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In the news

30 Oct  Record sightings of spoon-billed sandpipers and Nordmann’s greenshank in China

25 Oct China vows better wetland preservation

21 Oct   Wild birds in Beibu Gulf need protecting: experts

  6 Sep  Rare sighting of marked Spoon-billed Sandpiper on migration

  4 Jul   A little thought goes a long way in tackling China's extinction challenge

  4 Jul    32 endangered birds [Crested Ibises] released into the wild

24 May  Jankowski’s Bunting – an update

23 May  Govt backs ecological balance protection

27 Mar  China Daily  Using technology to keep a close eye on wildlife

22 Mar  SCMP  Fewer Black-faced Spoonbills seen in Hong Kong

17 Mar  China Daily  Rare bird sightings a testimony to Nonggang's uniqueness

15 Mar  Nature's Nirvana [article on Nonggan reserve, Guangxi]

14 Mar  China Daily  Guardian of Birds

11 Mar  Global Times  Migratory birds flock to Beijing

26 Feb  Global Times  Giving back to nature [article on new protection measures at Yeyahu, Beijing]

21 Feb  China Daily  A rare sighting [Spoon-billed Sandpiper in Guangxi]

28 Jan  The Conversation  Birds, dams and people: Biodiversity in China

21 Jan  Global Times  Govt targets wild bird trade

19 Jan  BBC  Spoon-billed Sandpipers threatened by trapping in China

18 Jan  Shenzhen Daily  French birdwatcher calls for bird protection

17 Jan  China Daily  Safe haven for swans [importance of Shandong]

15 Jan  People's Daily  15 swans poisoned to death in central China

12 Jan  SCMP  Shanghai mulls growth plan for last virgin territory, Chongming Is.

11 Jan  SCMP  Development concerns must be part of development plan

9 Jan  China Daily  Border control protects migrant birds

9 Jan  Global Times  Chongming's green initiative helps lures birds back to island

9 Jan  China Daily  Biodiversity plans to please [HK, Deep Bay]

4 Jan  Global Times  Migrating cygnets continue to flock to Shanghai

4 Jan  China Daily  Take wild bites off the table (Dong Fangyu, opinion) 


2012 and earlier


29 Dec  China Daily  Volunteers safeguard 'Lake City' [in Wuhan]

26 Dec  Global Times  Farmer's poisoning of wild birds...

24 Dec  China Daily  Migrantory birds damaging crops at lake

23 Dec  SCMP  Breeding of endangered species futile without... 

19 Dec  Global Times  Bird life policy yet to take flight

19 Dec Global Times  Illegal access [illegal Taobao trade]

16 Dec  Global Times  200 migratory birds stay in snowy N China

12 Dec  People's Daily  Rare bird protection in E. China's Jiangsu

10 Dec  Wetland reserve [in Beijing] to get education centre

5 Dec  China Daily  Whooper Swans paint pretty picture on lake   

5 Dec  China Daily  Guardians honoured for taming wildlife trafficking

4 Dec  China Daily  Wetland bird protection event held in Tianjin

3 Dec  Global Times  Migratory birds packed in crates saved by...

30 Nov  China Daily  Call for wild animals off menu 

26 Nov  China Daily  Wildlife protection 

21 Nov   Global Times, written by Wei Na  Activists plea for bird trap sales ban

21 Nov  Xinhua   Poisoned rare storks trigger calls for animal protection 

21 Nov  Shanghai Daily   Poisoned Oriental White Storks released in Tianjin 

21 Nov   Xinhua    Poisoned rare storks trigger calls for intensified animal protection  

21 Nov   Shanghai Daily  Tianjin offers 50,000 yuan to nab bird poachers 

20 Nov   Sina English  Tianjin posts 50,000 yuan reward for bird poachers 

20 Nov   China Daily,  Reward offered for information on birds' poisoning 

20 Nov   Global Times, written by Wang Yiqian  Non-commercial conservation 

19 Nov   Xinhua   20 rare birds dead, 13 poisoned in tainted wetlands 

17 Nov   Sina English  More endangered storks found dead 

15 Nov   China Daily, Opinion piece, Wild birds must be protected 

15 Nov   People's Daily (and Global Times) Storks’ plight raises larger concerns  

14 Nov   Shanghai Daiy:  Rare storks poisoned to death by poachers 

13 Nov   People's Daiy   Bird lover rushes to rescue poisoned storks 

13 Nov   China Daiy:  Zhengjin Ran reports: 13 rare birds killed by poison 

13 Nov   People's Daiy Bird lover rushes to rescue poisoned storks 

13 Nov   China Daiy:  Zhengjin Ran reports: 13 rare birds killed by poison 

12 Nov   Global Times:  By Yin Yeping:  Rush to rescue poisoned swans 

01 Nov   China Daily:  Death flights for birds on night of the hunter  Yang Wanli writes about the Hunan incident, about hunting, and about bird migration generally.  Includes migration map, and photos).  This was the 2nd story on China Daily's Flipboard (btw if you don't have the Flipboard app on your smartphone, you're missing out)

01 Nov   China Daily:  A crazy man's video triggers protection of bird sanctuary.  Pu Zhendong writes about Li Feng, the  man who exposed the local authorities' complicity in the poaching of migratory birds in Hunan. 

01 Nov   China Daily:  Dongting lake, Hunan, protection (by Yang Wanli)

01 Nov   Xinhua and China Daily: China vows to improve animal protection

01 Nov   China Daily: Cries of Mother Earth (by Pu Zhendong)

01 Nov   China Daily: Paradise of birds

31 Oct   Global Times: Wings of Hope (calls for more to be done to protect migrating birds)

29 Oct   Global Times: Authorities close net on bird hunters

29 Oct  Global Times  Wild at heart

29 Oct 北大港湿地爱鸟志愿者在行动 Chinese army helps to destroy nets in Tianjin (In Chinese)

28 Oct   SCMP: Poaching of wild birds threatens some species  By Li Jing,

27 Oct   China Daily: Coasts, mudflats are vanishing, research shows.  In this report, Wang Qian cites an article by the State Oceanic Administration, which reveals that 70 percent of the coastlines in Liaoning, Tianjin, Hebei, Shanghai, Zhejiang and Guangxi are occupied by human development. 

27 Oct   China Daily: Two arrested for smuggling wild birds in China

27 Oct   SCMP: Poaching of wild birds threatens some species

26 Oct   People's Daily:  Authorities gear up for poaching season

25 Oct   China Daily: Hunan cracks down on illegal bird killing

24 Oct   Action against illegal mist nets in China - From Birding Beijing

24 Oct   China Daily OPINION: Bird Hunting Should Stop

23 Oct   Xinhua China Voice: Strict enforcement needed to guarantee safety of migratory birds

23 Oct   Syndicated video by Li Feng, Changsha Evening News reporter (& HERO!)

22 Oct   People's Daily: Report of Hunan atrocity - More photos 

22 Oct   Xinhua: China cracks down on migrant bird slaughtering

17 Oct   Poaching of migratory birds ignites netizens' anger and activism (English)

16 Oct  Xinhua: Hard battle against Chinese migratory bird hunting [Hunan outrage]

15 Oct   Shanghai Daily: Bid to protect migratory raptors (35 nets destroyed), [Shanghai]

May 2011   Xinhua: Man sentenced to 10 years in prison for hunting wild birds [Liaoning]

Dec 2010   Xinhua:  Avian avengers save the birds [Chongming Island, Shanghai]

18 Dec 2008  The Economist  The lonliness of the Chinese birdwatcher [Chinese Crested Tern]

20 Jan 2006  People's Daily  Suspects arrested for killing rare wild birds [poisoning at Yancheng]

7 Feb 2001 Contains details of a dozen red-crowned cranes poisoned in 2000